Fête de la Chanson 19: The Results

Khosh amadid! Soon we will be revealing the results of the nineteenth edition of Fête de la Chanson. Before we begin, our host would like to perform an interval act.

Interval: “Pishdaramad” – Ali Azimi

It’s time to reveal out first set of votes.

Ukraine Ukraine: Donnie


IE Ireland: Martin


DK Denmark: Rob


IT Italy: Michos


GR Greece: Dimitris


JP Japan: Nick


SE Sweden: Robin


venezuela Venezuela: Franco


NL Netherlands: Warren


CY Cyprus: Arpatilaos


GT Guatemala: Tristian


EE Estonia: Ren


FR France: Patrick


CH Switzerland: Toggie


AM Armenia: Avat


US United States: Hjallis


South Korea South Korea: Lars


morocco Morocco: Ovidarch


IL Israel: Oxi


MD Moldova: Shevek


ES Spain: Dhaibhidh


CA Canada: Alex L.


GB United Kingdom: Ellie


FI Finland: Tehoe


NZ New Zealand: Emmo


MX Mexico: Dino


PL Poland: Anders


RS Serbia: Marko


AU Australia: Andy


And that’s the end! Congrats to the winner!








Here are the results in other formats:

I’ll see everybody after Eurovision for one more contest before the summer hiatus!


1,161 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 19: The Results

  1. Hi, everybody! Is this the place to find the right information on how to participate? Or should I send an email to the address provided in the “Join us” tab?

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      • I’m good thanks, just busy….. it’s the time of year. Jump on here occasionally when I get the chance, even missed most of ESC this year. What’s going on with Patrick, is he sick?


      • Absolutely loved it, from the first moment they released it as the official Portuguese entry. It was my favourite, along with Finland (least said about that, the better). How about you, did you like the winner?


      • I loved it too!!! A very big fan! Italy lost some steam after their esc revamp (deciding to skip the whole second verse was never a good idea imo).
        Belgium is my runner up this year followed by (surprise-surprise) Latvia!!!
        You can check my profile for more details (f.e top 20, predictions etc :p)

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      • I think there was a lot of hype around Italy. I know it was favourite with the bookies but tbh I wasnt feeling it. I liked it, but I just didnt feel it as a winner. Loved Belgium too, happy they ended up placing high. 🙂


      • Yes….. Bulgaria, Moldova and Norway were high on my list. Of the non-qualifiers I liked Georgia and Czech Republic. CzR especially I think was badly let down by an awful presentation. Three main parts to ESC success, good song sung by a competent or great singer backed up by sensitive presentation (lighting, stage presence and appropriate dress) to the artist and song. If either of those fail, the entry has no chance of proceeding or winning. CzR seems to not quite have understood the importance of presentation yet.
        Looking forward to how Portugal wants to present next year’s show. Back to live orchestra I wonder?


      • Wouldnt that be great? EBU should work with the Portuguese hosts instead of putting up walls to maintain a Eurovision recipe.

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      • What bugs me a lot is that when Slovenia had asked for a permission for the band’s violinists to perform live back in 2009, EBU turned down their request, while on the other hand they were pretty ok opting for the opposite direction = allowing pre-recorded backing vocals for Norway this year… I mean how on earth is this treatment fair?

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      • Why were the violinists turned down? UK also had violinists on stage that year, were they not live too?
        I think EBU always seem to have these issues, one way or another. I’m hoping there will be serious analysis after each ESC year and a review of what they should have, could have, and will do better in future.

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      • I mean they were on stage but were not allowed to play their violins live. EBU seems allergic to live instruments and music nowadays 😛

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      • I have a feeling that will change when they get more calls to allow musicians to play their instruments live. Let’s see what the Portuguese organisers have planned for next year. 🙂

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    • I hope she gets the justice she deserves. She was a disaster on tv “debate” tonight, some of the audience really tore into her especially the girl with mental health issues. What’s on Sunday?

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    • Andy
      sorry toggie, but what are you talking about and with such a vocabulary?
      you should know that theresa may was a strict brexit opponent as an interior minister and for many reasons. it’s the british citizens who voted ‘leave’. she’s giving her best to do that job as well as possible, with dignity and trust me, nobody envies her for that job. we can blame the ppl behind the ‘leave campaign’ we can blame the british voters but we can not hold theresa may responsible for the failed british politics. whether or not the european union has a future, that is another story.


      • I do not hold Ms May responsible for Brexit but she is a conservative of the worst kind and totally clueless when it comes to politics imo.

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      • Andy
        as dino has stated already, theresa may is certainly not a fascist. terms such as “fascist” or “nazi” are used nowadays, in an almost inflationary way. the true meaning of those terms gets lost. besides i belive that democrats should not resort to that kind of speech which we know from extremist groups.

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      • I don’t want to fight but I strongly detest everyone who bases his or her politics on the idea that some people deserve to have a better life than others. Unfortunately, 99 % of conservatives think like that.
        And btw, isn’t it funny that the richt wingers are all in favour of pc (which the normally hate) all of a sudden as soon as sb calls them the names they deserve?


      • Andy
        @ toggie, i don’t see this as a fight. for me it’s rather a debate which is a totally different thing. i can see the motivation behind your statement and my considerations go in a similar direction. however i belive that the end does not justify the means. i even think that inappropriate language can diminish the value of a message. in a dispute with extremist groups you can only lose if you use that vocabulary because they are the masters in that field. only if you keep your countanace you can remain superior of them. of course, this is just a forum and not even a political one but still we should not fall below a certain level imo.


      • Sorry Andy, but there is plenty evidence to contradict much of what you say. May was not a “strict” Brexit opponent at all. During the campaign, she said she supported Remain on a couple of occasions only, but mostly she stayed out of the limelight and allowed the more prominent campaigners to state their case more vociferously (Cameron, Osborne, Boris, Farage, etc). She was pretty much silent in comparison…….unusually silent.
        Yes, it was down to the combined British public who voted Leave (there are 4 countries in UK, 2 of them voted to Remain, Scotland and N. Ireland) but no matter which way each country voted, the entire campaign was appalling and empty of facts and truth (from both sides)…… so the UK (majority vote of all 4 countries) was convinced to vote Leave on the back of lies upon lies, ably helped by a right wing British press and media. As much as we may like to blame the British people, the blame lies directly at every one of those politicians (no matter what their Party politics) for selling us such lies and to British media for NOT questioning those lies and informing us truthfully. The Leave campaign (headed up by Farage and Ukip) made it all about immigration, foreigners and “independence” from EU. It is not unfair for the public now to demand answers to the questions the politicians refused to answer during the EUref campaign.
        May did not have to put herself up for the job of PM, no-one pushed her into it (she may have been incentivised to it, but definitely not forced). I do not see the dignity you mention. Theresa May as PM has to take the blame for failed British politics under her watch, and as Home Secretary for the damaging policies she has imposed. In 7 years of this Tory govt (moving even more further right and xenophobic in the last 2 years), where is the dignity of our disabled who have suffered outrageously as a result of Tory policies? Policies for which UK has been severely slapped for at the United Nations, showing “grave or systematic violations of the rights of persons with disabilities”. Where is the dignity of our poorest and weakest who have seen their most basic of welfare slashed to the bone while the Tory govt continue to give the wealthiest tax cuts? Where is the dignity of those families deported (directly under May as Home Sec) after encouraging them to come to this country, spend their life savings, then remove them of all rights even removing their driving licence so they cannot drive or work, then send them home after several years of contributing to UK economy? Where is the dignity of the 20,000 Police officers cut from Tory Police budget…… budget that (again as Home Sec) she was warned by Police in 2015 that her cuts would stop vital intell at street level that could prevent a terrorist attack, such as the one witnessed in Manchester last week? Where is the dignity of the soldiers who found themselves living on the streets because govt policy would not provide for them after “Service”? Where is the dignity of a woman (or a country for that matter) who sells £Billions of weapons to 22 of the world’s 30 worst countries for human rights violations (including Saudi Arabia using British weapons to bomb the life out of Yemen)? I havent even mentioned the Rape Clause or the Dementia Tax……..I could go on……. there are many, many more reasons why Theresa May cannot be considered anywhere close to showing dignity.
        So,…… sorry Andy, I dont know where you get your information from but I do not share your views.

        You might want to watch the video and understand a little of why Theresa May is despised among those who want the facts, and not the “facts” as distributed by right wing British news who have persistently failed the British people.


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      • Andy
        @ David basically ppl from abroad do focus on the foreign policy of other countries. seen from that perspective i can say that according to our media theresa may is a worthy representative of britains concerns in the field of foreign policy and esp. in terms of britains withdrawal from the eu. even though her negotiating approach does not always meet with the approval of the eu offcials, overall it can be said that she is a widely respected politician.

        i am very sorry to hear that ms. may’s or rather the policy of the conservative party obviously causes such heavy conflicts in british society when it comes to home policy. so thank you very much for your detailed statements.

        your argumentation in regard of the desinformation by the media and the political parties in the run-up of the referendum however does not sound quite conclusive to me. it is well known that the brexit opponents underestimated the seriousness of the situation but i do not believe that the politicians and the media alone bear responsability for this sobering vote result. not even this chief clown, boris johnson and some of his companions seriously believed in their own success. the official turnout was around 70%, as far as i can remember. so what can i say. maybe a wider range of political parties should be part of the government. this government/opposition party system has never convinced me as a swiss citizen.

        whether the parlamentary elections next week can help to improve the situation, we shall see. i certainly wish you guys the very best of luck!

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      • I think it must be interesting to observe UK foreign policy through a prism from outside these Isles .……..so I can understand how your country could conclude that May is a respected politician. The majority of the British public however are living the policies imposed by her Party and would probably not agree with versions of UK policy as viewed from outside UK. 63.1% of the British did NOT vote for the Conservatives in the last election 2015 (the absurdity of the antiquated British FPTP First Past the Post electoral system) which allows a Party without majority to rule over the majority public consensus.
        Sorry Andy, but it would be too exhaustive to present facts of misinformation by politicians and media in the run up to EUref on here. There are countless articles, headlines and graphics which forcibly present the anti-European, anti-foreigner, anti-refugee (dressed up as anti-immigrant) in national newspapers like the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, the Daily Telegraph (once a respectable source) on a daily basis. All of them eagerly published “what the politicians said” daily. In Summer of 2015 during the Calais Migrant crisis, Cameron was broadcast and on record warning of “swarms of immigrants trying to smuggle their way into UK through the back door”. His words were leapt on by the above papers and widely published for all to read, making it clear where he stood on “immigrants” while ignoring these were refugees needing immediate help.
        Calling these refugees from war-torn countries (countries the British helped to bomb and destroy) as a “bunch of migrants” is hardly going to go unnoticed by the media. And the British press lapped it up and spread it. Followed by months of similar headlines. There was so much media anti-foreigner hate (for any colour, religion or nationality) I made a remark to a friend that “I’m surprised no-one has been hurt yet”. Two days later we read of the murder of Jo Cox, a Labour MP, pro-Europe and immigration campaigner who was shot and stabbed several times in broad daylight by a feeble-minded nutter who viewed Jo Cox as “one of the collaborators and a traitor to white people”. Meanwhile we have the insensitivities of people like Farage later accusing Jo Cox’s husband of supporting “extremist” organisations. http://www.newstatesman.com/2016/12/nigel-farage-attacks-jo-coxs-widower-he-would-know-more-about-extremists-me
        When we have Conservative govt MP’s telling businesses that they must gather a list of all foreign workers or “be named and shamed” then you can only draw parallels with events from history and call it for what it looks like. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/home-secretary-amber-rudd-hate-crime-incident-speech-foreign-workers-police-tory-party-conference-a7523626.html
        The UK is in one hell of a mess. A mess that was needless and brought about by Conservative Party cock fighting. I can honestly say I have never witnessed anything like the propaganda, the hate speech by politicians and media alike, or the upheaval that is being felt across the British Isles. Until the British acknowledge and implement a form of Proportional Representation then sadly UK will still be governed by only Conservative or Labour Parties, free to inflict upon the British people whatever extreme policies they wish, unchallenged by smaller opposition Parties……and both of them every time elected by a minority of the British voting public. UK claims to be fair and democratic. Hardly democratic when 63% of the population don’t agree with the “winning” Party forming a govt.
        We’re going to need more than luck to get us out of this mess!


      • A travelling advan with these kinds of text and graphics, driving throughout the country for all to see, cannot be mistaken for anything short of what it is. Implanting in the minds of those who read it, that “we” are under threat from “foreigners”. The message is firmly planted in the minds of whoever reads it….. and this preceded the EUref. Another anti-immigrant campaign brought to us courtesy of Theresa May as Home Secretary.

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    • She isn’t a fascist certainly…she has a mandate to deliver Brexit and she does her job well even if I disagree with her negotiating approach.


      • As I said before, I don’t blame Ms May for Brexit have no issue with Ms May trying to get the best conditions when it comes to negotiating Brexit. I already had a strong dislike for her (like for 99 % of conservative politicians) when she was just minister.


  2. If there is not any announcement in two days I will have to skip this edition as well.


  3. I am now worried about Patrick.
    Maybe Morgan or Nick can get in touch with him?


  4. I think we should not put pressure on Patrick. If he needs some time to rest, it’s very understandable, and if it means no contest this month, I think it’s perfectly fine. Better wait until everyone has the resources to organize it.

    But I’m still available in organizing FdlC 20 if he wants it. I’m used do using WordPress.

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  5. While we’re waiting, can someone please answer me these 2 questions?
    1) I’ve noticed that one of the artists I was about to “invite” has already participate (with another song). Is this possible?

    2) Can instrumentals be proposed?



      • Several FdlC artists have appeared more than once! Of course it’s allowed but please NO Jenni Vartiainen or Gin Wigmore for the 4th time!!! 😛
        Instrumentals are allowed as well.


      • Thanks, Donnie! Fortunately, those were not the names I had in mind. In fact, I dont even know them 🙂

        One more question: can we select recent live performances of songs released before 2000?


    • Live edition was the special theme of FdlC 19.
      In regular editions such as the one to follow, we tend to opt for studio versions of songs released after 2000. However, you can still send a live version if you want but the song must be released after 2000 I believe (if we are talking about the original artist). In case of covers, you can go for ANY cover released by another artist after 2000, even if the song is prior to 2000. I do hope I made some sense 😛

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  6. @ Donnie, I considered Torul with their new song for the next edition but then I thought: the same artist for the 3rd time might be a bit much. Torul have a new singer though …


    • Ι’m not against. I ‘ve already brought Susanne Sundfør twice myself (even though it was about Röyksopp the second time). I do miss the surprise factor though when an artist returns for the 3rd or 4th time.


      • But it is difficult to find sb new in small countries. I really tried with Slovenia but eventually gave up and chose a country that has never participated in the past.


      • Slovenia is not exactly a small country. I can accept Valentina Monetta for San Marino every year but I believe there are several Slovenian artists there to discover and share :p


      • I’m sure there are. When I tried to represent FYROM (similar population to Slovenia’s) I came up with many excellent options while searching! 😛


  7. It is true that for some countries it s hard to find many different things…
    I’m having trouble in tracking the nationality of some of my selecions. Sometimes they’re born in a country, but now they re living somewhere else… And in some cases one cant really tell for how many years they have lived in the country they were born… Who verifies all these matters?


    • In the end, Patrick or Nick decide if an entry is eligible for the country you picked. Patrick once told me that I couldn’t submit a song for the country I suggested but could do so for another country. It was a collaboration of 4 artists from different countries and Patrick thought that I should pick the country where the song was produced and published. In the end, I chose sth else and saved the song for ETSC, where we can only choose EBU countries.

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