Fête de la Chanson 20: Info & Dates

Guten Tag! With Fraissinet’s victory in Iran, the contest moves away from the deserts of the Middle East into the mountainous Alps. That’s right, we’re going to Switzerland. Here’s a reprise of the winning song, “Fantôme”:

Below are the prospective dates for this edition. As a general reminder, and because my schedule is really in flux right now, these dates are just guidelines and are subject to change:

  • 7 June: Country Selection opens at 12:00 CET.
  • 9 June: Song Submission opens at 19:00 CET
  • 19 June: Country Selection/Song Submission closes at 23:59 CET.
  • 20 June: Voting Opens
  • 3 July: Voting Closes at 23:59 CET.
  • 5 July: Results Revealed!

The hosts of this edition are Gülsha Adilji and Max Moor.

The following countries have been reserved by the winner of the previous edition and the contest organizers:

  • lesotho Lesotho: Toggie
  • CA Canada: Nick
  • NZ New Zealand: Patrick

502 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 20: Info & Dates

  1. Not sure if I can participate this edition, haven’t really sorted out my list in ages and I’m already a full day late. Time is also always a factor but the First Impression Vote worked out last time so I might do it again this season if I end up participating. I’ll wait til the country list comes out to decide, though I’m pretty sure either all my countries will be taken or slots will be full. 😛


  2. Anyone know where Patrick is? I sent a couple of emails 2 days ago asking for some rule clarity so I could order my countries by preference before the deadline, and I didnt hear back from him. Now I’ve missed yesterday’s deadline and with no answers or updates in 48 hrs, it looks like I’m out! What’s going on? I hope Patrick’s ok!

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      • I cant speak for anyone else or their personal situation but that was an awkward time deadline for me, 11am midweek. Dont you get penalised for submitting your list early?


    • Hey Dhaibhidh,
      I wouldn’t panic just yet since nobody has heard anything as of yet. Am sure Patrick will be in touch soon as he does seem to have a busy schedule atm with other things also going on. He should have received your email then so and thus should be able to act on it from receipt before dealing with everything else; after all you sent it prior and within good time. Am sure he won’t leave you hanging (well, I hope not!)

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      • Yes, but it was with an enquiry so Patrick should still act on it. Dhaibhidh should still send his country reservations in and then Patrick can work out what’s what. It all seems to be getting a bit confusing and a tad all over the place tbh :/
        When are you off on your trip? Perhaps some help is needed.


      • We’ll we can’t expect Patrick to be online 24hs every day. I always send my enquiries about song eligibility during calm periods thus avoiding nasty surprises. What David can still do is to send another email requesting the same countries regardless. I doubt we are already full house anyway.

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      • No, of course not and a few of us are aware he has had things to deal with of late.
        I would suggest Dhaibhidh does just that.


      • Great stuff. Am sure you’ll have a lovely time. Are you thinking of popping over to Malmo?


  3. Following the elections now. The UK, which was an anchor of stability in Europe for so long, has become a hysteric drama queen. Do the British actually know what they want these days? A lot has gone wrong in the past decades for sure. 😦

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Toggie, Glad that it has been entertaining you 🙂 The British do not know what they want at all. The media and politics has polarised into a Right looking at the past through rose-tinted glasses and a fragmented Left. This seems like a frustrating tug of war that looks set to continue for some time.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Hi Rob, I know. Many people in the UK want their Miss Marple world back. It’s ludicrous. 😦 The UK is really doing everything to become a tiny country of no importance wahtsoever …
        Btw, a recent survey shows that only 20 % of the German population trust Ms May. Mr Macron stands at 64 % …

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      • It is a relic of the past that the rose-tinted glasses brigade seem desperate to cling on to. It is totally absurd. In terms of number of votes the Lib Dems should have about 50 MPs and DUP 4. It is a horrible system and always unfair to the Lib Dems which have so much more support than their number of MPs would suggest. The news has gone mad with all sorts of things being suggested. Not sure how much longer things can continue like this – the country is split on so many things and it has manifested itself in a return to two party politics which is not only horrible, but does not reflect the population as a whole. Many of the Left spoke of a ‘progressive alliance’ before the election, but the votes showed that tactical voting only seemed to count if it meant getting Labour in. Really unfortunate. The best thing to come out of this is that it disrupts Brexit and, whilst perhaps not likely, a second referendum is more likely and with an increased interest in politics, especially from the young, it would have the potential to be a more meaningful result the second time around. 🙂

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      • This is a very wise comment and one can only hope that the Brits get their act together soon. Most people here in Germany begin to lose their patience with British politics which are perceived of as damaging the UK but Europe as a whole too. In times of people like Trump, Putin and Erdo we need a strong Europe more than ever but British politics seem to have become totally parochial and even a tad narcissistic. The main commentary on our main news argued that the Tories have almost totally destroyed everything the UK stood for for so many decades because of egotistic gambling. When it comes to the EU things are totally different here in Germany. In a survey conducted this week more than 90 % said that we need more economic, political and military integration in the EU at this point in history.

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      • Germans and the whole of Europe are right to lose patience with the UK – I have lost patience with it too 🙂 I love that there is a pro-EU sentiment in Germany and it matches my beliefs too. To me it makes perfect sense to have more economic, political and military integration with our closest and most reliable neighbours. The strength that such unity gives all countries is immeasurable and something that should not be downplayed. You are right British politics has become parochial and narcissistic. The media, and politics have both played their part in the glorification of Britain’s past and their present standing in the world and this has led to those too inbred or too unintelligent to not know the difference between demonstrating national pride and being racist, nationalistic and arrogant. I still have a tiny bit of hope left that this will sort itself out somehow and before it causes much more hassle for the EU.

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