Fête de la Chanson 20: The Songs

Buongiorno! The song submission period for the twentieth edition of Fête de la Chanson has opened. The delegations have through the end of 19 June to submit their songs.

Here is a list of national finals for this edition:

The following list will be updated as songs are received and confirmed:

lebanon Lebanon (Dino): “Where the Wild Ones” – Postcards

NL Netherlands (Stommie): “Babylon” – Thomas Azier

CZ Czech Republic (Lars): “振子、振子、振子、ボルト (Furiko, Furiko, Furiko, Bolt)” – Vložte Kočku

DK Denmark (Martin): “Open” – Rhye

AU Australia (Razvan): “Easier” – Mansionair

IL Israel (Oxi): קרקס (Kirkas)” – ARISA ft. Sarit Hadad

RO Romania (Arpatilaos): “Marabou” – Antonia

FR France (Hjallis): “Adieu créature” – Andrea Balency

CH Switzerland (Ren): “Eva” – Carrousel

GT Guatemala (Tristian): “Anyway” – Francis Davila ft. Ben Alexander

GB United Kingdom (Mermaid): “Fitzpleasure” – alt-J

mali Mali (Bay): “Sastanàqqàm” – Tinariwen

Jamaica Jamaica (Tehoe): “Psycho” – Tommy Lee Sparta

Brazil Brazil (Dimitris): “Poetic Finale” – Antonio Pinto (Song ends at 2:46)

PT Portugal (PJ): “Tens Os Olhos De Deus” – Ana Moura

egypt Egypt (Shevek): “Harmonial” – Portrait Avenue

congo-kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo (Dhaibhidh): “Je Te Pardonne” – Maître Gims

SE Sweden (Rob): “Made of Gold” – Albert af Ekenstam

lesotho Lesotho (Toggie): “Se Ke La Nt’siea” – Maleh

venezuela Venezuela (Donnie): “Reverie” – Arca

DZ Algeria (Joshua): “Comme Tous Les Soirs” – Zaho

JP Japan (Anders): “Angherr Shisspa” – Koenjihyakkei

EE Estonia (Sedapsi): “Hommik” – Curly Strings

chile Chile (Franco): “Hijos del Peligro” – (me llamo) Sebastian

US United States (Michos): “I Try to Talk to You” – Hercules & Love Affair ft. John Grant

NO Norway (Ovidarch): “Boy from the North” – Monica Heldal

NZ New Zealand (Patrick): “Hospital Walls” – Kurisú

CA Canada (Nick): “Need You” – Allie X

PL Poland (Alex L.): “Pocztówka z Kosmosu” – Kortez

IT Italy (Andy): “Pittore Elementare” – Marco Iacampo

AM Armenia (Avat): Լուսնյակ Գիշեր (Lusnyak Gisher)” – Vigen Hovsepyan & Håvard Enstad

india India (Warren): “Deewani Mastani” – Shreya Ghoshal, Ganesh Chandanshive, Mujtaba Aziz Naza, Shahdab Faridi, Altmash Faridi, & Farhan

Awaiting Acceptance/Info:

Need to Submit:



910 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 20: The Songs

  1. Ok, I’ve listened to each song about five times now. Another 3 listens each and I should be ready to vote (but I wont rush it). So far, I have 5 with a confirmed top 10 place (most likely will fill the first 5 spots…….maybe, but no guarantees till I fill the other spots) and I have another 14 songs I really, really like all battling for the remaining 5 spots. I’m not keen on this part. 🙂

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      • Thank you, yes I thought it was a Duduk but I wasnt sure. Is apricot flute another name for duduk? Are duduk made of apricot wood?
        Thank you, I will add this to my playlists …… it sounds so enchanting. 🙂

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      • Yes it is a golden rule here for Duduk to be made of apricot tree material. An instrument that is used for both wedding and burial/comemorating ceremonies. In 2010 one of the most known duduk players Djivan Gasparian (coauthor of many Hollywood blockbuster OSTs) played on ESC stage for Eva Rivas.

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      • Fascinating. Is there a cultural reason for using apricot wood to make duduk? Or is it because it’s a better sound using apricot?
        Yes, I know of Djivan Gasparian and his music on movies. I wasnt so keen on Eva’s song at ESC that year. Apricot stone……was this a reference to the duduk or some other cultural influence?
        Sorry for so many questions Avat, but I’m intrigued 😀

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      • Tbh I don’t know why they do it! maybe for the quality maybe for the traditions!
        It was pity to watch Djivan behind Eva for me! Apricot Stone had hidden political-nationalistic messages to Diaspora, to some countries:

        May God bless and keep my cherished fruit = May God Bless Armenia /Apricot is used as symbol/
        Grow my tree up to the sky = Get stronger my country
        Once I waved my home goodbye I just want to go back to my roots = Diasporian girl comes back Armenia

        Now I’m not afraid of violent winds , they may blow – they can’t win = refers to “violent winds” who blow against the country but can’t win ….

        Just the author of the lyrics Karen Kavalerian (who also wrote lyrics of Russia 2006, Ukraine 2008,2013, Belarus 2007) wrote the lyrics in a style that only here and some concerning countries people could guess what’s the song is about.

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      • Could be one of those traditions so deep in time the original reasons have been forgotten!
        The Armenia 2010 song for me did not work. I loved the sound of the duduk but with Eva Rivas voice and genre I dunno, it lost its impact.
        The lyrics obviously have deep meaning to Armenian diaspora around the world but those words would probably not resonate with non-Armenians.
        Wouldnt you like to see/hear someone like Djivan or Vigen represent Armenia at ESC with something as haunting as they normally compose?

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      • The choice of entrants depands from the management of AMPTV. Former management liked big names with catchy folk influenced pop songs. Current one (since 2013) are quite cosmopolit I don’t think they will send folky stuff. I would love Vigen to be internally chosen next year. Boy really deserves it.

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      • I like the traditional folk songs as well as the recent cosmopolitan attempts. I think Vigen being chosen internally could be a good thing. 🙂

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  2. Our HQ 🇫🇷💪🏼❤️

    In 1971 the thirty-four year old Piano and Richard Rogers, thirty-eight, in collaboration with the Italian architect Gianfranco Franchini, competed with the major architectural firms in the United States and Europe, and were awarded the commission for the most prestigious project in Paris, the Centre Georges Pompidou, the new French national museum of 20th century art. The award came a surprise, to the architectural world, since the two were little-known, and had no experience with museums or other major structures. The New York Timesdeclared that their design “turned the architecture world upside down”.[ More literally it turned architecture inside-out, since in the new museum, the apparent structural frame of the building and the heating and air conditioning ducts were on the exterior, painted in bright colors. The escalator, in a transparent tube, crossed the facade of the building at a diagonal. The building was an astonishing success, entirely transforming the character a run-down commercial section near the Marais in Paris, and made Piano one of the best-known architects in the world.

    The media dubbed the style of the building as “high-tech”, but this was later disputed by Piano. “Beaubourg,” he said, “was a joyous urban machine, a creature which might have come out of a Jules Verne novel, a sort of bizarre boat in dry dock… It is a double provocation; a challenge to academism, but also a parody of the imagery of technology of our time. To consider it as a high-tech object is a mistake.”

    Not only did Centre Pompidou turn architecture inside out, it revolutionised museums, transforming what had once been elite monuments into popular places of social and cultural exchange, woven into the heart of the city.

    Happy 40th Anniversary!

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  3. Centre Pompidou is my favourite art museum in the world (#2 LACMA, Los Angeles, #3 Louisiana Museum, Humlebæk). It’s also always my first place to visit in Paris after checking in in Hotel Bourg Tibourg in Marais, just a little walk away. No visit is perfect without lunch or dinner at fantastically futuristic and elegant restaurant Georges on the top floor. Highly recommended, just remember to book!

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  4. David Hockney, one of the greatest living painters, retrospective opened in Centre Pompidou. A morr than good reason to travel to Paris this summer. Or Los Angeles 😃
    They have managed to make very stylish animation of David Hockney’s celebrated painting A Bigger Splash, 1967.
    I miss LA.

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  5. Denmark calling……
    Our delegation has now settled into our HQ for this edition.
    Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen.

    Rosenborg Castle (Danish: Rosenborg Slot) is a renaissance castle located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The castle was originally built as a country summerhouse in 1606 and is an example of Christian IV’s many architectural projects. It was built in the Dutch Renaissance style, typical of Danish buildings during this period, and has been expanded several times, finally evolving into its present condition by the year 1624. Architects Bertel Lange and Hans van Steenwinckel the Younger are associated with the structural planning of the castle. The castle was used by Danish regents as a royal residence until around 1710. After the reign of Frederik IV, Rosenborg was used as a royal residence only twice, and both these times were during emergencies. The first time was after Christiansborg Palace burned down in 1794, and the second time was during the British attack on Copenhagen in 1801.
    source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosenborg_Castle

    Our spokesperson for this edition is Danish actor (and Leeds United supporter 🙂 ) – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

    Information on our entrant to follow…….

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  6. Denmark calling….. again……..
    May we present our entrant: Rhye

    Rhye is an R&B musical duo based in Los Angeles, California. Its members are Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal and Canadian singer Milosh. They released singles “Open” and “The Fall” online without much detail or information that led to speculation about the band. Their debut album, Woman, was released 4 March 2013. In June 2013, the album was longlisted for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize
    Robin Hannibal (birth name Robin Braun) was a member of the Danish duo Quadron alongside Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj on Plug Research, the same label as Milosh. Quadron, an indie pop, electronica, soul, jazz and rap formation, released a self-titled album in July 2009. Quadron members were also part of a Danish electronica collective called Boom Clap Bachelors, who in early 2008 had released the collective album Just Before Your Lips, including contributions from Hannibal. Robin Hannibal had collaborated with other artists like Nobody Beats the Beats, Clemens, Jokeren and L.O.C.. He also launched two projects, Owusu & Hannibal and Parallel Dance Ensemble. He also contributed to Szjerdene’s “Lead the Way” and to Leon Ware’s “Orchids for the Sun”. In 2011, Quadron collaborated with American DJ and record producer Kaskade for the song “Waste Love” off his album Fire & Ice. Besides being involved in both Rhye and Quadron, he is also known for producing two tracks for Little Dragon’s Nabuma Rubberband and received co-writing credits for Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe by Kendrick Lamar, as the song heavily contains a sample of “Tiden Flyver” performed by his band Boom Clap Bachelors. As of 2017, he has been nominated for the Grammy Awards three times
    Michael Milosh was born in Toronto, Canada and is an electronic musician and vocalist. He was a classically trained cellist from age 3 and had become a jazz aficionado. He later moved to Berlin, Germany to pursue music as a vocalist and a producer. Professionally using the name Milosh, as a Canadian Signed to Plug Research record label, he had released two albums You Make Me Feel (2004) and Meme (2006). He had also contributed the track Then It Happened on the Ghostly International/Williams Street album Ghostly Swim, which was released as an MP3 download in 2008.

    ‘Open’ – Lyrics
    I’m a fool for that shake in your thighs
    I’m a fool for that sound in your sighs
    I’m a fool for your belly
    I’m a fool for you love
    I wanna make this plain
    Oh, I know your faded
    Mm, but stay, don’t close your eyes
    I wanna make this plain
    Oh, I know your faded
    Mm, but stay, don’t close your eyes
    Caught in this pool held in your eyes
    Caught like a fool without a line
    We’re in a natural spring
    With this gentle sting between us
    I wanna make this plain
    Oh, I know your faded
    Mm, but stay, don’t close your eyes
    I wanna make this plain
    Oh, I know your faded
    Mm, but tay, don’t close your eyes
    I wanna make this plain
    Oh, I know your faded…….

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  7. So far I’ve picked athletes, a statue, a puppet, the runner-up of a NF, an actor and the representatives as spokesperson. I’m open to suggestions for the current edition 😛 Our points will be delivered from the Terraza Neptuno, Cerro Santa Lucía, in Santiago.

    The HQ will be Castillo Hidalgo, near to that (I won’t post pictures of it because Martin’s castle is way better 😛 )

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    • I love the terrace, very nice indeed. I looked up the Castillo Hildalgo and it is rather splendid too, I hope the Chilean delegation enjoy being based there 🙂
      No need for any castle envy 😉

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