Fête de la Chanson 20: Fribourg

Allegra! Thirty-two acts from around the world have gathered today in Switzerland to compete in the twentieth edition of Fête de la Chanson.

Hosts: Gülsha Adilji and Max Moor


Venue: Théâtre Equilibre


Opening Act: “Squale” – Fraissinet

Voting: Send your votes to fetedelachanson@gmx.com by Tuesday 4 July 2017,  23:59 CET.


1. EE Estonia (Sedapsi): “Hommik” – Curly Strings

2. chile Chile (Franco): “Hijos del Peligro” – (me llamo) Sebastian

3. AM Armenia (Avat): Լուսնյակ Գիշեր (Lusnyak Gisher)” – Vigen Hovsepyan & Håvard Enstad

4. RO Romania (Arpatilaos): “Marabou” – Antonia

5. PL Poland (Alex L.): “Pocztówka z Kosmosu” – Kortez

6. lesotho Lesotho (Toggie): “Se Ke La Nt’siea” – Maleh

7. DK Denmark (Martin): “Open” – Rhye

8. CH Switzerland (Ren): “Eva” – Carrousel

9. JP Japan (Anders): “Angherr Shisspa” – Koenjihyakkei

10. IL Israel (Oxi): קרקס (Kirkas)” – ARISA ft. Sarit Hadad

11. NO Norway (Ovidarch): “Boy from the North” – Monica Heldal

12. india India (Warren): “Deewani Mastani” – Shreya Ghoshal, Ganesh Chandanshive, Mujtaba Aziz Naza, Shahdab Faridi, Altmash Faridi, & Farhan

13. lebanon Lebanon (Dino): “Where the Wild Ones” – Postcards

14. NZ New Zealand (Patrick): “Hospital Walls” – Kurisú

15. Brazil Brazil (Dimitris): “Poetic Finale” – Antonio Pinto (Song ends at 2:46)

16. congo-kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo (Dhaibhidh): “Je Te Pardonne” – Maître Gims

17. CZ Czech Republic (Lars): “振子、振子、振子、ボルト (Furiko, Furiko, Furiko, Bolt)” – Vložte Kočku

18. IT Italy (Andy): “Pittore Elementare” – Marco Iacampo

19. venezuela Venezuela (Donnie): “Reverie” – Arca

20. GB United Kingdom (Mermaid): “Fitzpleasure” – alt-J

21. FR France (Hjallis): “Adieu créature” – Andrea Balency

22. PT Portugal (PJ): “Tens Os Olhos De Deus” – Ana Moura

23. AU Australia (Razvan): “Easier” – Mansionair

24. egypt Egypt (Shevek): “Harmonial” – Portrait Avenue

25. NL Netherlands (Stommie): “Babylon” – Thomas Azier

26. Jamaica Jamaica (Tehoe): “Psycho” – Tommy Lee Sparta

27. US United States (Michos): “I Try to Talk to You” – Hercules & Love Affair ft. John Grant

28. CA Canada (Nick): “Need You” – Allie X

29. SE Sweden (Rob): “Made of Gold” – Albert af Ekenstam

30. mali Mali (Bay): “Sastanàqqàm” – Tinariwen

31. GT Guatemala (Tristian): “Anyway” – Francis Davila ft. Ben Alexander

32. DZ Algeria (Joshua): “Comme Tous Les Soirs” – Zaho

Need to Vote:

  1. lesotho Lesotho: Toggie
  2. NZ New Zealand: Patrick
  3. CA Canada: Nick
  4. AU Australia: Razvan
  5. PT Portugal: PJ
  6. GB United Kingdom: Mermaid
  7. FR France: Hjallis
  8. NL Netherlands: Stommie
  9. DK Denmark: Martin
  10. RO Romania: Arpatilaos
  11. Brazil Brazil: Dimitris
  12. IT Italy: Andy
  13. SE Sweden: Rob
  14. india India: Warren
  15. NO Norway: Ovidarch
  16. EE Estonia: Sedapsi
  17. egypt Egypt: Shevek
  18. PL Poland: Alex L.
  19. GT Guatemala: Tristian
  20. CH Switzerland: Ren
  21. Jamaica Jamaica: Tehoe
  22. congo-kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo: Dhaibhidh
  23. DZAlgeria: Joshua

UPDATE 3/7/17: Hi friends, Nick here! Patrick’s informed me that his computer has broken down and that I’ll need to take over for the rest of the edition. Unfortunately, I’m on vacation at the moment, so the calendar will be modified so that I can do my job better. 😛

The new deadline to vote is 23:59 CEST, 8 July, so if you needed more time, you’re in luck! Keep sending the votes to fetedelachanson@gmx.com and good luck!

UPDATE 13/7/17: Sorry for the long delay! It gives me great pleasure to say that the results have finally been released! Check them out here.


1,905 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 20: Fribourg

  1. Top10 nominations so far:

    NLD 5
    USA 5
    GBR 4
    SWE 4
    ARM 3
    ITA 3
    LBN 3
    EGY 2
    IND 2
    CHR 2
    POR 2
    AUS 2
    DRC 2
    VEN 2
    NOR 2
    BRA 2
    EST 1
    POR 1
    ROU 1
    JAM 1
    ALG 1

    Top5/contender nominations:

    NED 8
    POR 3
    ITA 3
    USA 2
    CHR 2
    SWE 2
    IND 2
    DRC 2
    UK 1
    USA 1
    BRA 1

    First half nomination:

    DNK 1
    NZL 1
    EST 1


    • Andy

      hi mermaid!
      listen, a friend of mine is about to kick off a new contest. we would like to have more girls than there usually are in these eurovision based contests. more diversity is our devise. that contest has a quite different concept. the name is Music Arena and that’s what it is. there are battles. in teams of two the songs compete against each other until the overall winner is found. prinicpally it’s the same voting method that we know from the voice and similar tv singing competitions. every second edition will be a themed one. every player represents one country. in some of the themed editions we will have free country selection. you can switch countries anytime but you can only choose a country that is free at that moment. there are still quite a few countries available. in other contests the popular countries are usually already taken and ppl tend to ‘sit’ on them for a long time.

      if you are interested you can contact the manager by email or via fb. this is the email address of his former contest. the new contest website is under construcion. there will be also a fb group. the managers name is ivan. yovcontest@gmail.com

      it would be great to have you on board and feel free to invite friends. esp. girls are very welcome! 😉
      p.s. what about ellie?


      • Thank you Andy for the invitation but I barely find time for the current ones and I am not ready for a new one…Maybe I will quit for good because they have all become a bit exhausting for me…
        If I change my mind,I will let you know 🙂


  2. Waiting:
    1. For my new car which might have arrived already (it is coming from USA on a ship which is discharging containers in all possible ports of Canada, USA, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Israel then again Turkey, Russia before the final destination in Poti).
    2. For an answer from the new potential employer.
    3. For my visa approval but it seems French embassy thinks that I want to migrate and will deny this time my application as they are about to ask me to attach to my files a medical statement that I’m not pregant.
    4. For FDLC results!

    By the way I could orgnize an online survey / ranking of the songs in my page but in that case we will need all the participants to be online during voting and I will require to rank all the songs!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. All this waiting makes me think that FDLC is on its way out. I understand that hosting something like this is tough but if you are going to do this you have to be commited to following it through. I know Patrick has had problems with his computer but I thought Nick had taken over on his behalf to help. Obviously not. Oh well its not the end of the world. Most of you have ETSC. Good luck to all who are taking part.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I think the same. Nick and Patrick have been running FdlC for quite some time now and I am fully aware that it is a time consuming affair if you want to do it properly. Therefore I can understand if they won’t continue the way they have run things in the past. I love participating but would shy away from organising an online contest myself. I only want transparency: If Nick and Patrick say that they don’t have the time to do FdlC anymore, someone else could volunteer to take over.
      Why don’t you participate in ETSC?

      Liked by 3 people

      • To be honest we’ve had some breaks before in FDLC from both Nick and Patrick when they were both busy or caught up in personal matters. However, I feel that maybe the workload has become too much which is logical with the fact that there are so many participants and more detailed editions taking place.

        If it turns out that both Nick and Patrick would be too busy with hosting future editions, I would be happy to consider taking over for the moment and organise the upcoming edition as well as revealing the results from the Final for FDLC20. Possibly I could see myself doing a Anders/Ovi collaboration for this edition if the hosts are too busy still? What do people think?

        Liked by 5 people

      • Yes. They have done stellar work and it is their contest and we must respect that but hopefully they will see that it is one that is very much loved and enjoyed and they have help on hand, so perhaps tapping into this resource will free them up to enjoy it more too, not get over-stretched and should they feel able and willing to continue, as before further on, then am sure this will be good too. It would be such a massive shame to see this contest demise because of a falter that is easily sorted.I believe it can all be sorted and everyone can still be happy.


    • Leave an email here. We will keep you updated. Also, wanna join ETSC? There are a couple of countries left to pick.


  4. If there is STILL no news from either Nick or Patrick before Monday, I can offer to collect all the votes once again, and then do the results. I hope it won’t be necessary, and I would have to reach all people who have participated in this edition. Unfortunately I don’t have everyone’s email address.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Off-topic: Right wingers here are having a party discussing (cough) the Hamburg riots. Btw, is it the same in other countries? Here in Germany Conservatives and right wingers interrupt everyone else’s argument?
    One of our major talk shows in on atm, and Jan van Aken (Die Linke) was allowed to talk once whereas silly Mr. Bosbach is allowed to ramble on without end …


    • Now silly Mr. Bosbach has left the discussion in protest to arguments having a broader horizon and the talk show host wants to throw out very left Ms. Ditfurth too. Our political culture is partly collapsing. 😦


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