Fête de la Chanson 20: The Results

Allegra! After a long technical delay, welcome back to Fribourg for the results of the 20th Fête de la Chanson!

All 32 delegations have cast a valid set of votes and we’re ready to present the results. As usual, you can click through each jury’s voting results before arriving at the link to the full scoreboard and grid at the bottom.

EE Estonia (Sedapsi): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/1/1/aymdjlmgyy

chile Chile (Franco): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/2/2/vjmgm5yti0

AM Armenia (Avat): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/3/3/u0mjqxmzlj

RO Romania (Arpatilaos): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/4/4/y2ztdhzmix

PL Poland (Alex L.): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/5/5/njowflnjg3

lesotho Lesotho (Toggie): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/6/6/yxmdywzwi1

DK Denmark (Martin): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/7/7/nizjiwmjy1

CH Switzerland (Ren): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/8/8/u2yza3mjdi

JP Japan (Anders): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/9/9/uwmdawzjaz

IL Israel (Oxi): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/10/10/y5njkwntg2

NO Norway (Ovidarch): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/11/11/vknwjkmgy4

india India (Warren): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/12/12/zhzgm1mtbm

LB Lebanon (Dino): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/13/13/hmmzeynzbj

NZ New Zealand (Patrick): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/14/14/c2ytm3ndgy

Brazil Brazil (Dimitris): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/15/15/zlytzjowy4

congo-kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo (Dhaibhidh): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/16/16/exntbhognl

CZ Czech Republic (Lars): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/17/17/e3yjrlmjzm

IT Italy (Andy): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/18/18/e1zwixmmfh

venezuela Venezuela (Donnie): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/19/19/m0zdm2y2u1

GB United Kingdom (Mermaid): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/20/20/u5owjlzwji

FR France (Hjallis): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/21/21/g2mwixnwi3

PT Portugal (PJ): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/22/22/nhmge4yjax

AU Australia (Razvan): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/23/23/y4ztmznzg3

egypt Egypt (Shevek): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/24/24/y3mdflyjdj

NL the Netherlands (Stommie): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/25/25/blmmm4ogvm

Jamaica Jamaica (Tehoe): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/26/26/m2mdi1yza4

US United States (Michos): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/27/27/vhngq0nmvk

CA Canada (Nick): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/28/28/djmtfjnze2

SE Sweden (Rob): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/29/29/vjzta3odvh

mali Mali (Bay): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/30/30/dmoty1owe0

GT Guatemala (Tristian): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/31/31/mwmzu0mjg2

DZ Algeria (Joshua): http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/part/187001/32/32/nhnja1mtu2

Click here for the full scoreboard!


So, without further ado, congratulations to the winner, the Netherlands, with 124 points! The winning song is “Babylon” by Thomas Azier and the Dutch HoD is Stommie! This is the second win for the Netherlands at Fête de la Chanson, after Kovacs won FdlC 6 in Helsinki. The HoD is asked to contact the hosts to arrange the details for FdlC 21.

You can also see the results as a list or a grid, just click on the links provided.

See you next time in the Netherlands!


449 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 20: The Results

  1. So after a day of reflection, I have gathered my self together. Things are not as bad as they originally might have seemed. Yes, it was a disappointing result for personally, especially as I do love the song. I too became rather jaded with the experience of this edition sadly and that with some expectancy for a reasonable result didn’t help matters. But this was, for many, a fine edition and quite a number of us did have a dilema with finalising points. I do of course still think Denmark was worthy of placing higher, but this was not to be. Didn’t mean people hated the song and it is heartening to read that a number of you did have it ranked just outside the points or mid-table.I still am pleased I shared it with most of you who didn’t know it already.
    Onwards to ETSC we go and after listening carefully and watching my entrant’s performance, I am more than satisfied in taking up the challenge of trying for a good placing in Copenhagen. Well a Top 25 is the aim since I haven’t even managed that in 3 attempts lol.
    This time Israel means business……..


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  2. I see some people are upset with the results and I cant blame them…Every kind of statistics written here is making the least competitive person competitive…It’s in human nature and we can’t help it…Nobody wants to lose even if they seem they are OK with it..I think all these statistics are ruining the spirit of the contest!

    I really miss the old days where we talked about songs not rankings!

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    • “Nobody wants to lose even if they seem they are OK with it”

      Well, it depends on who you are. I got a bad result this time, and I am genuinely OK with it. It hasn’t diminished my devotion to the contest. I just wanted to share the song 🙂

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    • Well I can say I am actually fine really Mermaid, It was just the initial result but in the grand scale of things everything is fine on that score, plus As I mentioned, I had become weary with this fine edition. I really enjoy listening to the songs and sharing the music,I like to do my own personal rankings but maybe I shall just post them onto my profile rather than as a post, that way people can decide for themselves if they wish to read them. I certainly don’t mean to upset anyone when I post them and try and explain how my decisions are formed, (I usually like most of the songs anyway). It is also such fun HoDing a country (well, I certainly enjoy it 🙂 ). Plus all the chit chat and banter along the way is certainly what I also find so enjoyable 🙂
      I suppose some people could get a bit fixated with stats and tbh I actually don’t mind them but I suppose they can affect people in different ways.
      Are you around for the reveal on ESC 7? Am lucky enough to be on early, I think.

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      • Knowing Morgan, it’ll be one by one.
        I might last the duration but will see how long it goes on until. If it starts 7pm Irish time then it could be finished by midnight (hopefully not much later) but that maybe wishful thinking lol 🙂

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    • Ppl aren’t upset about their resultS, let alone about the trivia (not exactly statistics)…, which by the way people are always requesting to see.


  3. So sad that Dr Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu has passed away aged only 46 years old!
    He came 9th for Warren in FdlC16 with his song ‘Bapa’ which I adored and got my 12pts.

    RIP 😦

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    • Andy
      thank you very much for this info!
      this is very sad. what a legend he was. a friend from australia introduced his music to me some ten years ago. in fact it was the indigeneous band Yothu Yindi whose frontman and main songwriter he was. i am very surprised that he was only 41 years old. his band was founded in the 1980s. rip Mr Yunupingu.

      here’s an iconic song by the group Yothu Yindi.

      this is one of my favourite songs. it is a collaboration with Blue King Brown, an aussie urban roots band that i appreciate very much.

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    • This was very sad to hear. Of all of my entries this was my favourite and his death makes it even more emotional. I listen to the song often. His music will inspire a lot of first nation Australians to become musicians in their own right.

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      • It is so sad Warren but I must thank you again for bringing him to our attention at FdlC. I played him to my sister and best friend today and they loved him. His music will live on and am sure he will be remembered fondly.

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      • I like to think outside the box and becuase of the top ten position with this entry I will continue you to do so.

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    • I hope things are more organised as we head into our FdlC season. I know it’s a mammoth task but help has been offered.
      I am really looking forward to it 🙂

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      • It’s going to be very exciting indeed, I just hope that it will go a lot better organising this edition. Let’s see if the Nick & Patrick combination will change in the future, going to be a good edition yet again. 🙂

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      • Indeed I have some nice songs, (well, I really like them) already lined up, just need to nab the countries now 🙂


      • Oh look at you all prepared and ready to go, I haven’t even managed to recover from ETSC8 yet! 😮

        I do have a number of songs I want to share with you all, including two from your home country of Ireland. Wonder if you might know them?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lol. Yes, a wee breather is needed after that Blind Edition, such fun!
        Oh, Irish songs, sounds intriguing. Indeed I just found a new artist I hadn’t heard of before too. Will see in due course 🙂


      • Absolutely, it was a great and successful experiment in my opinion. Ah interesting, mine is a male artist and a band with an additional female artists in the line-up. 😉

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      • Ooh, I am even more intrigued now. I also have a couple of male Irish artist on my list. 😉


  4. Can I suggest a couple of themes for this edition?

    -Summer songs
    -Songs about politics, religion or current affairs
    -Cross-national (co-operations between artists from different countries)

    What theme would you like? Or should we skip this themed edition entirely since we didn’t have adequate time to prepare?

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  5. I’d love to have a season now while I can actually join and listen to some songs and rank them properly. If it gets moved to October then it becomes highly unlikely. So yes, it’s totally selfish on my part, hahaha.

    I hope Patrick and Nick are okay, some signs of life would be nice.


  6. As I’ve said, September to late November is usually the busiest period of the year for me.
    I’d like to take part in FdlC21 but I won’t be around as much i would like to. At least I have some songs from various countries ready, so I don’t have to do any search for songs. But I see that there is not much going on here, is it? 🙂


  7. Severe delays in getting the results for FdlC19. A new round of delays in kicking off FdlC20…later another one in getting the results…when this one happens again in the space of 4 months something isn’t going well.

    We really need to pick up on this before we even attempt kicking FdlC21 off.


    • Maybe Nick and Patrick have a lot on their plate atm and they need a break(?).I think they should let us know.In the meantime,if we want to have a September edition of a music contest maybe we should start something new?I don’t know what the name should be but the thing is is there anyone willing to serve as a host to that?


      • Taking a break is fine as long as there is an announcement.

        I thought exactly the same and I am willing to host it but before doing so I will email first Nick and Patrick fairs since my intention isn’t to compete FdlC but to provide an alternative in case FdlC can’t go on.

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      • As i said,it can be a temporary solution for as long as FDLC is off.But we can’t go on like that without any insight on what the future of FDLC will be.

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      • I am willing to host as well, alone or in co-operation with others, if people are ok with it. But I don’t want us to give this site up, especially the history section which is useful for future reference (and needs a lot of updating, which I am willing to do as well).

        I fail to understand this situation. The guys should inform us and if they are too busy, let someone else take over.

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      • I think it should be better if it’s one host at a time.But that’s only my view.Let’s see what others have to say.
        As to the site,of course i hope it will continue to be here with its’ history section and everything. 🙂


      • I agree about one host at a time. But people can alternate to share the workload if more than one is interested. Of course all this discussion is pretty moot as long as we don’t hear from Patrick and Nick. And I have so many countries I want to participate with…


      • I think that’s a good idea. But we should wait a few days before we create a new contest. It’s best to wait for some communication from Nick and Patrick first, but if they don’t respond at all, then we can start a new contest up.

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      • hey c’mon anders, let’s play some pastime game!
        give me e.g. some kind of musical answer such as ‘my fave who song’, my fave (60s?) rock band or maybe talk through song titles or something like that. 🙂

        btw. a couple of cool bands have covered the who’s ‘substitute’, ramones, sex pistols, blur.

        Liked by 1 person

      • difficult question, isn’t it? there’s their 60s and 70s era.
        ‘i can see for miles’ thanks for reminding me. great tune!

        this one is a memorable moment in tommy, one of my faves.

        p.s. jere you have their full live at isle of wight concert in hq.


      • And here the obvious inspiration for Jahn Teigen and his performance of “Voodoo” in 1976 🙂

        I had the Isle of Wight concert on cassette tape when I was a teenager.


      • this is where our paths divide. i rather belong to the stones fraction. i’m into bluesy/psychodelic/garage stuff such as cream, yardbirds/jeff beck, canned heat, etc. or velvet underground, floyd, sonics . . my fave beatles album is their s.c. white album. i have their original apple release with those portrait pics in it. 🙂

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      • the early zappa, oh yea!!
        funny detail, one of my favourite stones albums is one that many critics rank among their weakest albums, Black & Blue. i can still not understand this. imo it’s musically one of their most diverse works. there’s funk, blues, rock and even jazz and reggae influences in it. and also there is one of their best ballads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7r2tXK1oVI

        i believe that we’d need at least one we or rather a week to go through all this. lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • I haven’t actually heard Black & Blue in its entirety. My main interest when it comes to the Stones lies with the music they produced between 1965 and 1972. This, I think, is their heydays, and most of their big songs come from that period.


      • in principle you are right of course. fifty years to tell in a few lines is virtually impossible, though. in their first decade they released an album per year. the musiic quality therefore did varry concideably. when it comes to well-know artists i tend to search for less known material.

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      • I have the original vinyl of the White Album too – with the portrait pictures and the poster with lyrics. My dad bought it back in 1968, and when they sorted out in their record collection some 10 years ago, I took it, among several others.


  8. Hey guys! Here’s an update on FdlC 21 and what you can expect from the contest in the immediate future.

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