Fête de la Chanson 8: Full Semi-Final Results

Olá, for the final time, from Manaus! Fête de la Chanson 8 came and went, and the winner was Guatemala, with the song “Blues de mar” by Gaby Moreno. This edition was the biggest in the contest’s history, with 35 entries competing for the crown! In fact, the contest was split into semi-finals for the first time ever. And it’s finally time to reveal the results of those semi-finals.

Semi-Final 1


1. SE Sweden (Rob)

“For a Little While” – Johnossi: 100 points

2. NZ New Zealand (Donnie)

“Summerfly” – Hayley Westenra: 98 points

3. SG Singapore (Ren Robles)

“Take Heart” – The Sam Willows: 97 points

4. FI Finland (Razvan)

“Missä muruseni on” – Jenni Vartiainen: 90 points

5. ID Indonesia (Bay)

“Seeds” – NEONOMORA: 87 points

6. CN China (Tecku)

“Xin zhan” – Alan Dawa Dolma: 85 points

7. CA Canada (Dimitris)

“Mistral gagnant” – Coeur de Pirate: 79 points

8. FR France (Luke)

“Baby Love” – Petite Meller: 78 points

9. IE Ireland (Gregor)

“Less Than a Pearl” – Enya: 64 points

10. ZA South Africa (Andy)

“Loliwe” – Zahara: 63 points

11. GR Greece (Alex L.)

“To eipes pws” – Malou: 63 points

12. CO Colombia (Patrick P.)

“Fiesta” – Bomba Estéreo: 50 points

13. IT Italy (Rosalina)

“Non ti scordar mai di me” – Giusy Ferreri: 44 points

14. HR Croatia (Niclas)

“Tragovi” – Željka Marinović: 44 points

15. BA Bosnia & Herzegovina (Brittany)

“Zabranjeno pušenje” – DENIAL: 28 points

16. TN Tunisia (Oxi)

“Khamsa” – Dhafer Youssef: 19 points

17. KP North Korea (Danny)

“We Will Climb Mt. Paektu” – Moranbong Band: 13 points

Semi-Final 2


1. PR Puerto Rico (Jon)

“Te amo idiota” – Raquel Sofía: 113 points

2. GT Guatemala (Tristian)

“Blues de mar” – Gaby Moreno: 103 points

3. AU Australia (Marc P.)

“Vacant Space” – George Maple: 93 points

4. DK Denmark (Nick P.)

“Koder på snor” – Valravn: 84 points

5. MY Malaysia (Mermaid)

“Mermaid” – Yuna: 82 points

6. GB United Kingdom (Dino)

“Stranger” – Goldfrapp: 80 points

7. BE Belgium (Stommie)

“Strange Entity” – Oscar and the Wolf: 80 points

8. EE Estonia (Sedapsi)

“Vihma loits” – Greip

9. RW Rwanda (Arpatilaos)

“Baramushaka” – Knowless: 57 points

10. NG Nigeria (Ellie)

“Heartbeat” – Nneka: 54 points

11. AT Austria (Guitar)

“Les nuits blanches” – Valérie Sajdik: 46 points

12. AR Argentina (Randomvan)

“Paz” – Alucinaria: 45 points

13. US United States (Ovidarch)

“Dangerous Days” – Zola Jesus: 44 points

14. AM Armenia (Avat)

“Elegia” – Lilit Hovhannisyan: 44 points

15. BW Botswana (Toggie)

“Nanzala vuke” – La Timmy: 40 points

16. SK Slovakia (Tim)

“Thinking About You” – Peter Bič Project: 35 points

17. NO Norway (Kim)

“We’re Goin’ Down” – Elizabeth Kostova: 33 points


Fête de la Chanson 8: Manaus (Grand Final)

Olá! After an exciting semi-final round that saw 20 countries qualify to the final, it’s time to crown the eighth winner of Fête de la Chanson!

Host: Criolo


Venue: Teatro Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil




Interval Acts

The host delegation has been kind enough to provide us with two interval acts! Please welcome to the stage, Clarice Falcão!

And now, Mallu Magalhães!


Vote by sending an e-mail to fetedelachanson@gmx.com with your top 10, as well as two alternates (your 11th and 12th places). The deadline to vote is 2 October! All players must vote in the final, including players who did not advance past the semi-final. If you do not vote, you will be banned!*


  • GB United Kingdom (Dino)
  • CN China (Tecku)
  • RW Rwanda (Arpatilaos)
  • CA Canada (Dimitris)
  • ID Indonesia (Bay)
  • MY Malaysia (Mermaid)
  • SG Singapore (Ren)
  • PR Puerto Rico (Jon)
  • NG Nigeria (Ellie)
  • Brazil Brazil (Shevek)
  • IE Ireland (Gregor)
  • BE Belgium (Stommie)
  • DK Denmark (Nick)
  • NZ New Zealand (Donnie)
  • FI Finland (Razvan)
  • ZA South Africa (Andy)
  • FR France (Luke)
  • AU Australia (Marc)
  • EE Estonia (Sedapsi)
  • SE Sweden (Rob)
  • GT Guatemala (Tristian)


  • AR Argentina (Randomvan)
  • TN Tunisia (Oxi)
  • US United States (Ovidarch)
  • NO Norway (Kim)
  • AM Armenia (Avat)
  • IT Italy (Rosalina)
  • CO Colombia (Patrick)
  • GR Greece (Alex L.)
  • BW Botswana (Toggie)
  • HR Croatia (Niclas)
  • KP North Korea (Danny)

*If circumstances prevent you from voting in the final, finalist or not, please send the host an e-mail and arrangements will be made.

Fête de la Chanson 8: Semi-Final Results

Olá! Fête de la Chanson’s first semi-finals have come to an end, and the twenty qualifiers for the the grand final have been chosen. You can click through to discover the qualifiers for each semi-final.

Semi-Final 1

Semi-Final 2

The running order for the final is below, so to avoid spoilers, please scroll through the slideshows first!

Here is the running order for the grand final.


Fête de la Chanson 8: Manaus (Semi-Finals)

Olá! This is the start of the semi-finals for the eighth edition of Fête de la Chanson, live from Manaus, Brazil!

Host: Criolo


Venue: Teatro Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil



Semi-Final 1

Semi-Final 2



Vote by sending an e-mail to fetedelachanson@gmx.com with your top 10, as well as two alternates (your 11th and 12th places). The deadline to vote is 21 September!


Brazil Brazil (Shevek) has voted in both semi-finals.

Semi-Final 1:


  • TN Tunisia (Oxi) – Both SFs
  • CN China (Tecku) – Both SFs
  • CO Colombia (Patrick P.)
  • NZ New Zealand (Donnie) – Both SFs
  • CA Canada (Dimitris)  – Both SFs
  • IE Ireland (Gregor) – Both SFs
  • ZA South Africa (Andy)
  • GR Greece (Alex L.) – Both SFs
  • IT Italy (Rosalina)
  • ID Indonesia (Bay)
  • HR Croatia (Eulenspiegel)
  • SE Sweden (Rob) – Both SFs
  • FR France (Luke) – Both SFs
  • FI Finland (Razvan) – Both SFs
  • KP North Korea (Danny)
  • SG Singapore (Ren Robles)
  • BA Bosnia & Herzegovina (Brittany)
Semi-Final 2:


  • RW Rwanda (Arpatilaos) – Both SFs
  • PR Puerto Rico (Jon)
  • NO Norway (Kim) – Both SFs
  • NG Nigeria (Ellie) – Both SFs
  • GB United Kingdom (Dino) – Both SFs
  • AU Australia (Marc P.) – Both SFs
  • AR Argentina (Randomvan) – Both SFs
  • GT Guatemala (Tristian) – Both SFs
  • MY Malaysia (Mermaid) – Both SFs
  • BE Belgium (Stommie)
  • US United States (Ovidarch) – Both SFs
  • DK Denmark (Nick P.)
  • EE Estonia (Sedapsi) – Both SFs
  • AM Armenia (Avat)
  • AT Austria (Guitar)
  • BW Botswana (Toggie) – Both SFs
  • SK Slovakia (Tim)

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