Fête de la Chanson 1: New Orleans

Edition 1

City: New Orleans, United States

Participants: 12

Requirement: Each participant will be allocated a randomly selected country from the Americas or one of five wildcard European countries.

Welcome to New Orleans!



Running Order:

1. CO Colombia (Jon)

“Before I Go to Sleep” – The Mills

2. LC St. Lucia (Artur)

“S&M” – Rihanna

3. NO Norway (Marc)

“Tiger Dreams” – Karin Park

4. AG Antigua & Barbuda (Tecku)

“Sparks” – Cover Drive

5. RU Russia (Oxi)

“Scars” – Tracktor Bowling

6. CA Canada (Luke)

“Genesis” – Grimes

7. SE Sweden (Dino)

“Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile” – Lisa Ekdahl

8. MX Mexico (Tim)

“Boys Will Be Boys” – Paulina Rubio

9. DO Dominican Republic (Nick)

“El afán” – Alex Ferreira

10. US United States (Jack)

“Stupid Little Things” – Anastacia

11. ES Spain (Patrick)

“33” – Mala Rodríguez

12. SR Suriname (Greecelove)

“Mi Body E Faya” – King Gentle


1st. CA Canada

“Genesis” – Grimes: 84 points

2nd. NO Norway

“Tiger Dreams” – Karin Park: 66 points

3rd. RU Russia

“Scars” – Tracktor Bowling: 54 points

4th. ES Spain

“33” – Mala Rodríguez: 52 points

5th. SE Sweden

“Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile” – Lisa Ekdahl: 48 points

6th. DO Dominican Republic

“El afán” – Alex Ferreira: 46 points

7th. CO Colombia

“Before I Go to Sleep” – The Mills: 32 points

8th. AG Antigua & Barbuda

“Sparks” – Cover Drive: 24 points

9th. LC St. Lucia

“S&M” – Rihanna: 20 points

10th. MX Mexico

“Boys Will Be Boys” – Paulina Rubio: 18 points

11th. US United States

“Stupid Little Things” – Anastacia: 18 points

12th. SR Suriname (Disqualified)

“Mi Body E Faya” – King Gentle: 10 points (0 points)

fdlc 1 table-01

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