Fête de la Chanson 3: Boston

Edition 3

City: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Participants: 18

Requirement: Your song must be a cover of a different song. For the purposes of this contest, a cover is a version of a song sung by a different artist. Remixes will be allowed, but only if the original singer is absent from the new track, or the song being remixed is a cover itself. You can pick any country in the world and normal artist eligibility rules still apply.

Welcome to Boston!



Running Order:

1. CA Canada (Sam R.)

“Crazy” – Alanis Morissette

2. BE Belgium (Nick)

“Creep” – Scala & Kolacny Brothers

3. ES Spain (Miguel A.)

“Nace mi fénix” – Koldo Iglesias

4. AR Argentina (Dino)

“Fragilidad” – Mercedes Sosa

5. DO Dominican Republic (Patrick)

“She Bangs” – Las Acevedo

6. GB United Kingdom (Arktosin)

“Impossible” – James Arthur

7. US United States (Artur)

“Rather Be” – Pentatonix

8. FR France (Tecku)

“One” – Matthew Raymond Barker

9. NL The Netherlands (Bas)

“Let it Go” – Willemijn Verkaik

10. PE Peru (Paolo)

“Cartas amarillas” – Gianmarco

11. PR Puerto Rico (Jon)

“Yo te recuerdo” – Ana Isabelle

12. NO Norway (Marc)

“The Suburbs” – Mr. Little Jeans

13. SE Sweden (Luke)

“Silver Springs” – Lykke Li

14. IR Iran (Rob)

“Those Were the Days” – Kiosk

15. IE Ireland (Sam L.)

“Ordinary World” – Aurora ft. Naimee Coleman

16. IS Iceland (Bakkasel)

“Ég er eins og ég er” – Páll Óskar

17. RU Russia (Max)

“Diva” – Philipp Kirkorov

18. AU Australia (Matthew)

“The Loco-Motion” – Kylie Minogue


1. NO Norway

“The Suburbs” – Mr. Little Jeans: 95 points

2. BE Belgium

“Creep” – Scala & Kolacny Brothers: 84 points

3. GB United Kingdom

“Impossible” – James Arthur: 74 points

4. SE Sweden

“Silver Springs” – Lykke Li: 74 points

5. IR Iran

“Those Were the Days” – Kiosk: 69 points

6. US United States

“Rather Be” – Pentatonix: 65 points

7. AR Argentina

“Fragilidad” – Mercedes Sosa: 60 points

8. DO Dominican Republic

“She Bangs” – Las Acevedo: 57 points

9. PE Peru

“Cartas amarillas” – Gianmarco: 56 points

10. PR Puerto Rico

“Yo te recuerdo” – Ana Isabelle: 55 points

11. CA Canada

“Crazy” – Alanis Morissette: 52 points

12. IE Ireland

“Ordinary World” – Aurora ft. Naimee Coleman: 51 points

13. ES Spain

“Nace mi fénix” – Koldo Iglesias: 45 points

14. AU Australia

“The Loco-Motion” – Kylie Minogue: 39 points

15.  NL The Netherlands

“Let it Go” – Willemijn Verkaik: 36 points

16. IS Iceland (Disqualified)

“Ég er eins og ég er” – Páll Óskar: 36 points (0 points)

17. FR France

“One” – Matthew Raymond Barker: 27 points

18. RU Russia

“Diva” – Philipp Kirkorov: 11 points

fdlc 3 table-03

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