Australian National Final (FdlC 11)

G’day to you all and welcome to the Australian National final containing 3 different and unique songs from a group called Dead Can Dance! Enjoy!

The main vocalist in these songs is the Australian musician Lisa Gerrard, most famous for ”Now we are free” (the theme song for the movie Gladiator (2000)). The group was created with her and Brendan Perry back in 1981. They dissbanded 1998, but has worked together a little on and off as the years have gone by. The most recent album is from 2012 and called Anastasis.

1. “Summoning the Muse” – Dead Can Dance (1987) – Powerfulness

2. “Sanvean” – Dead Can Dance (1993) – Emotions

3. “The Host of Seraphim” – Dead Can Dance (1987) – Suffering

Voting: To vote in the Australian national final, send your votes to You vote by giving the three songs 6, 4, 2 points in that order, from the most liked (6) to the least liked (2).

National Final Ends: 11:59 PM CET, 21 December 2015.


  • CL Dino
  • DE Arpatilaos
  • MK Tehoe
  • MX Matt
  • DK Anders
  • IT Donnie
  • Brazil Alex L.
  • GB Oxi
  • GR Dimitris
  • RO Toggie
  • FI Razvan

29 thoughts on “Australian National Final (FdlC 11)

    • Oh really! How fun! ^^ and what a coincidence indeed :O I found them listening to ”Now we are free” Who everybody have heard I guess 😛 And i enjoyed listening through them once again before the competition, these two songs I really like to, but alas I figured that out after the NF was created :/ :

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  1. I did not realize people had commented here lol But thank you all who have voted for all the kind words and that you even voted at all hihi ^-^


    • Yeah I do like that one as well ^-^, but I wanted to send something with little more vocals doh 😉


  2. So an update before the very last day to vote is the following: Two songs are now head to head with the exact same points :O while the rermaining one is a little behind, but can still catch up to the rest two, so I need all the votes I can get 🙂

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  3. So the Australian final also draws to an end and I gotta say it was a horserace between the three songs all the way, but through a tiebreaker rule I implemented one song made it through alone to Reykjavik and that song is:

    (Drumroll effect) Host of Seraphim! 😀

    Thanks to all the 13 voters for voting and for being annoyingly diverse haha 😉 Even with only three songs :O

    Host of Seraphim: 54
    Sanvean: 54
    Summoning of the Muse: 48

    The full result can be veiwed here, tell me if there is a problem with the link otherwise enjoy:


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