Canadian National Final (FdlC 8)

Welcome to the Canadian National Final for Fête de la Chanson 8!

Please welcome the selected artist, Coeur de Pirate!


Song 1: “Oceans Brawl”

Song 2: “Our Love”

Song 3: “Mistral gagnant”


Send your 8, 10, and 12 points to! The deadline to vote is 6 September!


  1. Mistral gangant – 132 points
  2. Oceans Brawl – 116 points
  3. Our Love – 112 points

45 thoughts on “Canadian National Final (FdlC 8)

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  2. Just voted !

    Good luck 🙂 !

    P.S. Tbh the result is pretty clear in this nf (although all three songs are nice), I wouldn’t even hold it if it was me 😉

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  3. After 11 people have voted the results so far are like this:
    One song is leading with 126 pts and the other 2 are fighting for the second place.One with 106 pts and the other one with 104 pts.


  4. So,the results are in and one song received 136 pts,the runner up 116 pts and the 3rd place song finished with a total of 114 pts.Should i be posting the analytical results too?


  5. So,i did a recount and it’s wrong, 😛
    The final results:
    1.Mistral Gagnant: 132 pts
    2.Oceans Brawl: 116
    3.Our Love: 112 pts

    “Mistral Gagnant” will be representing Canada in Manaus 08!

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