Chinese National Final (FdlC 8)

Welcome to the Chinese National Final for Fête de la Chanson 8!


Song 1: “Fighting Shadows” – Jane Zhang ft. Big Sean

Song 2: “I Didn’t Know” – Jane Zhang

Song 3: “Change Your World (Chinese Version)” – Tiësto & Jane Zhang

Song 4: “Xin Zhan” – Alan Dawa Dolma

Song 5: “The Eternal River” – Alan Dawa Dolma

Song 6: “Looking Back” – Alan Dawa Dolma

Song 7: “A Hymn For Tomorrow” – Alan Dawa Dolma


Voting by ranking the songs from best to worst, giving the best song 1 and the worst 7. Votes should be sent to The deadline to vote is 10 September!


  1. “Xin zhan” – Alan Dawa Dolma – 43 points
  2. “The Eternal River” – Alan Dawa Dolma – 41 points
  3. “Looking Back” – Alan Dawa Dolma – 36 points
  4. “A Hymn for Tomorrow” – Alan Dawa Dolma – 34 points
  5. “Fighting Shadows” – Jane Zhang ft. Big Sean – 25 points
  6. “I Didn’t Know” – Jane Zhang – 25 points
  7. “Change Your World” – Tiësto & Jane Zhang – 20 points

17 thoughts on “Chinese National Final (FdlC 8)

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  2. I can’t vote in the Chinese NF because I couldn’t find 2 songs. I could only listen to the normal version of “Change Your World”, which is in English and doesn’t feature Jane at all. “The Eternal River” was even worse. I couldn’t find it on YT or any other video portal, and it isn’t on spotify either, which means that I haven’t listened to the song at all.
    In general, I seem too prefer Alan’s songs to Jane’s …

    Good luck, China! 🙂


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