Ingel Laul

Hello, welcome to the official page for Ingel Laul, the Estonian national final for the seventh edition of Fête de la Chanson.

Artist: Birgit Õigemeel



1. “Nii Täiuslik See”

2. “Lendame valguskiirusel”

3. “Olen loodud rändama”

4. “Sea of Life” feat. Violina

Voting: To vote in the Estonian national final, send an email to In the email, give 5, 3, 1, and 0 pts in descending order, with 5 pts going to the favorite song and 0 pts going to your least-favorite song.

National Final Ends: 6 June 2015 at 23:00 CET



20 thoughts on “Ingel Laul

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  2. The voting is truly a derby. Every voter chose a different 5 pointer so far. Every vote changes the leader. And already even with the 4th song getting 0 points, all 4 have received points. And the 4th placed song currently can easily vault into first with the next vote.


  3. A true derby. We now have a 3 way tie for first! All songs have gotten a 5 pointer already! And the song in lint that far behind.m

    It is becoming impossible to choose between them. I couldn’t do it obviously and now the jury can’t either.

    There are no tiebreakers. Any songs that are tied for first will be put into a hat and a winner will be chosen that way.


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