Land of Innovation

안녕하세요! Welcome to Land of Innovation, the South Korean national final for FdlC 12 in Palermo.


Korea is known for high quality brands like Samsung, the world’s leading smartphone and TV maker, LG and Hyundai-Kia, Korea was named the world’s most innovative country in the Bloomberg Innovation Index, ranking first in business R&D intensity and patents filed per GDP. It has the world’s fastest Internet speed and highest smartphone ownership, ranking first in ICT Development, e-Government, 4G LTE coverage and IoT devices online.

Host: Ri Chun-hee


Venue: Seoul Olympic Arena


1. “Change” – Hyuna

2. “Heart Attack” – AOA

3. “Fantastic Baby” – BigBang

4. “I Am the Best” – 2ne1

5. “Face” – Nu’est

6. “Daddy” – Psy

Voting: Voting will be split between international juries and a national televote. Televote will account for 25% of the final result, while international juries will account for the other 75%. Televoting will be decided based on the number of times each individual song is played over the course of the next week. These numbers will be provided by Max, the Korean head of delegation. International juries will give 6, 3, 2, and 1 points to their top four songs in the national final, with their favorite receiving 6 points and their fourth place receiving 1 point. International juries are to send their votes to

National Final Ends: 21:00 CET, 25 March 2016


  • TW Taiwan
  • GB United Kingdom
  • CY Cyprus
  • US United States
  • GR Greece
  • AU Australia
  • Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
  • BY Belarus
  • DE Germany
  • RS Serbia

8 thoughts on “Land of Innovation

  1. The Polish votes are in. I hope that we were still within the voting period.
    I am not part of the televoting because I could only access one video clip (Hyuna).

    Good luck Max and Korea!


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