Mexican National Final (FdlC 11)

Hola! Welcome to the official page for the Mexican national final for FdlC 11.

Hosts: Aaron Diaz & Aracely Arambula

Venue: Estadio Sergio León Chávez, Iraputo, Mexico

1. “Aprendí a Llorar” (I Learned to Mourn) – Verónica Castro (1979)

2. “Camino Inseguro” (Unsafe Road) – Vicente Fernandez (1971)

3. “Sombras” (Shades) – Javier Solis (1965)

4. “Me Siento Tan Sola” (I Feel So Lonely) – Gloria Trevi (1992)

5. “Ay Amor” – (Oh Love) Ana Gabriel (1990)

Voting: To vote in the Mexican national final, send an email to In the email, award the five songs 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4 points, in order from most liked (12 points) to least liked (4 points).

National Final Ends: 18:00 CET,  21 December 2015.


  • CL Dino
  • DE Arpatilaos
  • DK Anders
  • IT Donnie
  • Brazil Alex L.
  • GB Oxi
  • RO Toggie
  • FI Razvan
  • GR Dimitris
  • RS David/Xello



15 thoughts on “Mexican National Final (FdlC 11)

  1. Coming here from Denmark, I find myself in a totally different world. Colour and passion. 🙂 Judging on the first songs, this seems to be another strong NF. Celebrate diversity!
    P.S. More hot hosts …

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  2. Romania has voted. Wow, all those songs would have blended in pefectly with the ESC line-ups of the respective years. 🙂

    Good luck Mexico!

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  3. I’m very happy to announce that the winner is Ana Gabriel and “Ay Amor”! She received 140 points. Full results should be following at Patrick’s convenience.


  4. What did I miss in the winning song? As with the Turkish NF the eventual winner was last in my ranking…


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