Selectia Natională (Romania NF – FdlC 14)

Welcome to Selectia Natională, the Romanian National Final for FdlC 14!

As this is my 10th participation in ETSC/FdlC I wanted to celebrate it somehow and I’m doing it by representing my own country for the first time. Chosing a song was more difficult than usual so on this special occasion I chose to make a NF with my favourite more recent Romanian songs.

Host: Sebastian Stan

Venue: Sala Palatului, Bucharest

Here are the artists, I made postcards! 😀

Here are the songs:

 1. Deepcentral – “Ochi de copil”
2. Delia – “Da, mama”
3. Carla’s Dreams feat. Inna – “Te Rog”
4. Alexandra Usurelu – “Suflet, ramai pur”
5. Sophisticated Lemons – “You Should Call Me”
6. Smiley – “Acasă”
7. HUMAN – “Inimi Sincronizate”
8. Jurjak – “Future Ex”
9. Anda Dimitriu – Pentru totdeauna
Here’s also a playlist with all the songs:

The voting will be in Eurovision style, awarding 12 pts to your favourite song, then 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 pts.

You can send your votes to the following email:

National Final Ends: 14:00 CET 4 September 2016.

Scoreboard: Click Here!


191 thoughts on “Selectia Natională (Romania NF – FdlC 14)

  1. My top 3 songs:

    12 pts – Deepcentral – “Ochi de copil”
    10 pts – Carla’s Dreams feat. Inna – “Te Rog”
    08 pts – Alexandra Usurelu – “Suflet, ramai pur”

    ended up in the final top 4. 🙂 I’ve loved ‘Ochi de copil’ since the first listen, especially its elegant and simple orchestration – it creates a powerful ambiance. Good luck, Romania!

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  2. So now we can officially say that the winner is Deepcentral – Ochi de copil! 😀
    Thanks to everyone who voted in the NF and I’m glad many of you were around for the results! 🙂
    Let’s enjoy the song one more time! 🙂


    • That’s because it got many last places. It was my 6th but I liked almost as much as my #1! There is very little difference for me between my first 7 places which is why I decided to make a NF. 🙂

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  3. My second favourite won and thus I won’t complain. I always knew that my favourite song would be a grower for most people (it instantly grabbed me though). 4th place is better than I had expected and the song sits safely on my September shopping list.

    Good luck to Deepcentral, Razvan and Romania!

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    • After I selected all the songs and before I started to rank them I thought Alexandra Usurelu will be my favourite or among my top 3 at least! In the end it ranked only my 7th, but I like it a lot ofc as all the songs that I picked. It was just very little difference between almost all of them for me, so probably a good decision that I made a NF!


      • Good decision indeed but GRRRR for ranking that great song only 7th. 😉

        My countries are always small, and thus I’ve never needed a NF until now. I intend to represent Germany in my next participation though but since I already have a song I want to submit, there won’t be a NF either.


      • This was my first NF and will probably be my last as well. I like to choose my entries myself, but this time I really wanted to represent Romania for the first time and I had no idea what to send so I decided to make a NF with some of my favourite songs. Also another reason for having a NF was to make something special this time for my 10th edition. 🙂


      • And you did well, introducing a variety of Romanian artists to all of us.

        Off topic: I hope that Xello will be back soon. After all, you, Morgan, Shevek, Xello and me were the first people on ET. We got it off the ground when everyone was still commenting on awful ESCToday.


      • Btw, my favourite Romanian ESC entry is Voltaj’s ‘De la capăt’ and my favourite NF song is Provincialii’s ‘Time’ (2007).

        And this is my favourite Romanian song. Mermaid introduced the artist in FdlC (with a different song though):

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      • “De la capăt” is my favourite Romanian ESC song as well!! And it was actually my 2nd favourite in 2015 after Aminata.

        I know that song from Aylin really good, but I think it’s a cover though.


      • If she does it that well, I don’t care that it is a cover song. 🙂
        I had Aminata in first place too. That girl rocks! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • er, hello! I was also one of the originals to champion ET if my memory serves me correctly……..


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