UK National Final (FdlC 4)

Welcome to the UK National Final for Fête de la Chanson 4!


Song 1: “Bipp” – Sophie

Song 2: “Two Weeks” – FKA Twigs

Song 3: “Get Up” – Young Fathers

Song 4: “Breathe This Air” – Jon Hopkins ft. Purity Ring

Voting Form: [form redacted to prevent late voting]


  • TR Turkey (Oxi)
  • AT Austria (Nick)
  • NO Norway (Tecku)
  • CY Cyprus (Dino)
  • SI Slovenia (Togravus)
  • DE Germany (Patrick)
  • IL Israel (Mermaid)
  • IE Ireland (Eulenspiegel)
  • LT Lithuania (Shevek)
  • EE Estonia (Alex)
  • FI Finland (Guitar)
  •  Denmark (Donnie)
  •  Sweden (Max)
  •  Armenia (Avat)

23 thoughts on “UK National Final (FdlC 4)

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  2. More or less the stuff one would expect from Marc (and that is a good thing 🙂 )
    Just cast my votes. Can I reveal them now? 😉

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  3. The Slovenian jury has just sent their votes. 🙂

    Since our delegation is based in Germany, we had problems accessing some clips but after a long search we managed to hear all songs. We think about going to France for our FDLC weekend now. 😉 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Marc. Those are 4 very interesting songs.

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  4. Woo! Thanks Nick, Tecku, Dino and Toggie for voting 🙂

    The song I expected to come last is coming 2nd, and there is a runaway favourite at the moment… interesting…

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  5. Finland voted. Oh Marc, we have quite a different taste I have to say 😛
    I understand all these songs but can’t get too crazy about any of them (no offense I hope), so I had a hard time ranking them. I finally went for the one I considered more edgy for my 12p.

    All the best and I hope you get the result you are looking forward to haha 😉

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  6. Good evening London, Stockholm has just transmitted you the points from the Swedish televote. In the Swedish public’s view there was a clear runaway winner, we hope to see this song in the main contest.

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  7. Unfortunately my least favourite song of this national final won 😦 I do hope its the right choice for Marc though and that he is happy with it ! 🙂


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